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Our mission

Our mission is to support you in getting and keeping your teeth healthy and shiny. Avoiding tooth diseases and defects as early as possible is absolutely important for us. Our dental surgery offers a wide and sustainable range of prophylaxis treatments for you and your smile. Furthermore, all of our patients are educated and informed about possibilities to keep their teeth clean and strong: Preventive treatments are way better than medical treatments!

If we detect any defect or damage during your treatment, we do our best to explain reasons and possible options to you. If a special treatment is necessary, we try to keep it as gentle and painless as possible. Consultation about different forms of therapies and their advantages and disadvantages is guaranteed to our patients. Furthermore, we always explain everything to you in a natural language with as little medical terms as possible in order to find the best form of therapy for you. We will never force a patient to treatments with pressure. We always respect your right for self-determination.

After finishing the treatment phase, we offer access to our recall system to ensure early planning of your next visit in our surgery. The rule of thumb is to visit your dentist twice a year! Keep in mind: Little defects result in little treatments, large defects result in large problems.